We take an interdisciplinary approach to cosmetic dental care to not only restore your smile but restore your health.

Fairport, Rochester & Pittsford NY

At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, Dentist, Dr. Sam Guarnieri, has been able to help countless patients in the Rochester, NY, area improve their smile, their oral health and get the end results they seek. We can improve the look and shape of your teeth, close spaces and replace silver or unattractive fillings.

We take great care in designing a smile that will suit you. But first, we need to know the underlying issues causing you to seek cosmetic dentistry. We do this so we can address those issues and suggest prudent treatment options to deliver predictable and positive outcomes so your new smile can last a lifetime.

There are many reasons to smile in life. We want your visit to our practice to be another. Pittsford Dental Excellence Center is pleased to offer an extensive range of safe, proven and completely natural-looking cosmetic dentistry solutions to restore your smile.

Take a look at our Smile Portfolio for examples of our work.

To find out more about the cosmetic dentistry services offered at Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, please contact the office of experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Sam Guarnieri for an appointment.