Your mouth can give us the inside story to your overall health.

Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

Researchers continue to identify the connection between your oral health and overall health. What goes on in your mouth can affect what happens in your body. That is why we take a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to your oral and total health.

Gum Disease and Periodontitis

This serious gum infection can allow oral bacteria to enter your blood stream and cause other health problems.

Heart Disease

Recent studies done at the University of Rochester show that oral bacteria has the ability to attach to fatty plaques in the arteries surrounding the heart, helping to form clots that could lead to a heart attack.


Oral bacteria may attach to fatty plaques in the arteries of the brain helping to form clots, which can block blood flow.


Diabetes and periodontal disease are bi-directional and diabetics develop gum disease (periodontitis) more easily because diabetes slows the body’s natural healing process.

There are over 52 different bacteria that are directly implicated in systemic diseases from periodontal disease. In addition, blood-sugar levels may be adversely affected by the infection of gum disease, causing complications for diabetics.

Other Health Conditions

Acid reflux may lead to enamel erosion on your molars or on the backside of your teeth leaving you susceptible to decay. Certain medications have side effects that can leave you with dry mouth, gingival enlargement and other side effects, which can leave your vulnerable to decay and gum disease.

At Pittsford Smiles Dental, our comprehensive approach to dental treatment can also detect poor nutrition and hygiene, improper jaw alignment and signs of developing oral and overall health problems. Seeing the dentist regularly helps to keep your mouth in top shape. Dr. Ricardo can draw the important connection between your oral health and your overall health and then work with you to develop the treatment plan to meet your total health needs.

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