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Patients from throughout the Rochester, NY, area seek the care of Dr. Sam Guarnieri for his outstanding treatment results, expertise, compassion, integrity, honesty, and understanding. We are committed to dental excellence and passionate about your oral health care and well-being.

At the Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we elevate dentistry to an art form. We pride ourselves on providing a level of care that is not often seen in medicine or dentistry today. Our team is committed to excellence through professional development and continuous education. The Pittsford Dental Excellence team can improve and restore your smile and health to achieve the end results you desire.

Do you want the smile you once had or the smile you never had? That’s the question we ask every patient. With cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry services, we can help you reach optimal oral health, total health, and wellness. We do this by discussing prudent treatment options to help you successfully attain and maintain a healthy, attractive smile for a lifetime.

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