Keep your smile healthy and attractive with a dental check-up and cleaning

Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

Pittsford Dental Excellence Center offers comprehensive general dental care services. General dentistry is preventative in nature, meaning that we try to keep problems, such as cavities, from ever developing in the first place. Dr. Guarnieri and the Pittsford Dental Excellence Center team use the latest dental technology and treatment options to help you maintain optimal oral and overall health.

Our practice is based on a proactive total health model. At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, you will receive comprehensive, thorough and compassionate treatment. We take care of your oral health and overall well-being by identifying risk factors, such as bacterial infections, acid erosion factors, and other oral and overall health factors to help prevent decay, infection, breathing problems, sleep apnea and oral airway concerns.

We not only restore smiles, we help to restore oral and overall health. Your teeth, mouth, gums and general health will be examined and evaluated to see what treatment will best benefit you and your individual needs. Learn more about the mouth-body connection.

Understanding Cavities before They Start

Because of dental decay’s connection to cardiovascular risk, it is especially important to take preventative measures. At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we offer CariFree technology—a new way to help prevent cavities before they start. CariFree employs a pH+ technology to neutralize decay-causing acids and treat bacterial infections that cause cavities. This promotes long-term dental health as an alternative to just simply treating signs and symptoms by filling cavities.

Dr. Guarnieri will perform a painless one-minute screening to determine your risk for cavities. If harmful, decay-causing bacteria are present, a CariFree treatment solution may be recommended. Typically, this solution includes a rinse and toothpaste.

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