Pittsford Dental Excellence Centre offer dental services to patients in Rochester.

If you are looking for a highly qualified dentist in Rochester look no further the Pittsford Smiles Dental offers a large range of treatments to make your smile our art piece.

What do we offer to our patients at Pittsford Dental Excellence?

Dr. Ricardo and his staff pride themselves in caring for the patient’s well-being with our specialty treatments including categories of sleep apnea as well as cosmetic, general and sedation dentistry. With unique treatments for sleep apnea and educating patients in the concept of mouth body connection are the main areas that separates us from all of the rest. With us both contributing to the expanding cosmetic industry and the dental industry using state of the art technology to add to your smile.

What separates us from other dentists?

We know in Pittsford there are several dentists to choose from. However, at Pittsford Smiles Dental, we provide the utmost support with our procedures through our teams who are involved in patient care, dental hygiene and treatments like no other. In other words, oral health is very important to us to aid you in a healthy and attractive smile through our many services.

General Dentistry

In our dental practice near Rochester, New York we also provide CariFree technology that stops cavities before they begin which saves you from permanent damage and filling the cavity. Depending on what treatment you wish to have, we offer a variety of dental procedures including:

  • Bridges
  • Composites
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Crowns
  • Digital X- Rays
  • Treating Gum Disease
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Preventative Care
  • Root Canal
  • Education for the Canary System

Cosmetic Dentistry

In the realm of cosmetic dentistry our team of professional dentists at our dental practice think that your smile is an art form and will continue to perfect the craft into your ideal smile. Unlike general dentistry, the dentists chosen will require different qualifications with additional training that go into procedures that provide excellent oral health along with the smile of your dreams. This requires the cosmetic dentists’ evaluation into the state of your oral health before giving you that photo finish smile.

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Gum contouring
  • Crown lengthening

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea may make you lose hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep again, however, we are here to help. The breathing disorder can cause discomfort over 240 times per night from the constant airway blockages which may lead to other serious health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and memory problems. This is why it is important to visit a dentist or any other health professional immediately if you are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea that can commonly be found in loud snorers.

Children with Sleep Apnea

Some people may believe that sleep apnea can only be found in adults. Contrary to this popular belief children can also experience the breathing disorder. This is generally the same as how adults experience sleep apnea but may make the child seem to be suffering from ADHD, when really it is a result of poor sleep. Sleep apnea in children is sometimes easier to treat and is most likely a minor cause of oversized tonsils and adenoids that can be fixed with a minor procedure.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Adults

These treatments that are available in Rochester are unique compared to over the counter measures that are on the market. This includes a device that resembles that of a mouth guard that protrudes

the lower jaw forward for a better pathway of oxygen to go in and out. Nevertheless, this device is at Pittsford Smiles Dental can be made specially to cater to your jaw shape.

Mouth Body Connection

You may be surprised in what your mouth says about your overall health and with an unhealthy approach to oral health it can cause other major health issues. Here at our dental practice near Rochester we can give you the education into what your oral health really entails. Something as simple as gum disease can cause oral bacteria to infiltrate the bloodstream causing other health concerns. Also, a stroke can be caused by fatty plaques that connect themselves to oral bacteria that may flow to the brain to cause clots.

In addition, diabetes is linked to gum disease where it can decelerate the body’s healing process. This makes the gums more susceptible to bleeding thus leading to infections. All this information and more is offered through our website and gives you the education you need to keep the utmost care of your oral health and maintain that smile.

If you are interested in any of these procedures, enquire now!

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