Tom D.

Compendium Published Results!

Tom D. of Brighton, NY came to Dr. Ricardo with 2 front teeth that were darkening due to a hockey accident as a teen. The teeth were infected and could not be restored. A considerable amount of bone loss made restoring the teeth a challenge.

After a very thorough evaluation, a treatment plan was created. Due to many of the challenges, Dr. Ricardo involved the collaboration of a team of professionals to return Tom’s mouth back to health; and to give him a natural-looking smile.

The treatment included rejuvenating many of his back teeth with:

  • Occlusal therapy to balance his bite
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental implants to replace teeth that had to be removed.

The total treatment time was one and a half years.

Once finished his treatment was written up in an internationally known journal (Compendium). Tom has been ecstatic with the results ever since and invites many of his friends and his family to Pittsford Smiles Dental for their dental care.