Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

In so many things in life, it’s common to perceive all practitioners as the same—whether talking about lawyers, accountants or other professional service providers. I believe there are several things that make our practice special. One of them is our commitment to excellence through continuous education. Over the years I’ve trained under many of the most accomplished dentists in the world—including Pankey, Misch, Dawson and Piper—names that won’t mean much to most patients, but are significant thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field.
I attended the University of Rochester graduate dental residency program as well as the internationally renowned Kois Center for advanced dental education in Seattle where I mentor students from all over the world 5 or 6 times per year and serve as an instructor. Only a very small number of practitioners have the honor of reaching this level of expertise and are allowed to be part of the Center at this level.
What does that mean to the patient? We stay abreast of the latest diagnostic technology, treatment modalities and have a worldwide network of resources. Further, we work with a team of like-minded health care providers to give you the best care available. Over the last 20-plus years, I have spent thousands of hours in professional development. It is true that all dentists are the same when we graduate, but I believe the degree is a license to learn.

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