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Clothing trends come and go, and regardless of what the “new black” is, a fashionable smile will always be in style. Even if you do not follow fashion trends in general, you can still have a Hollywood smile by following these tips. Of course, general dental care and at-home oral hygiene are essential to maintaining a confident smile that you can be proud of, but we’ve got some advice that will have your teeth gleaming. 

Wear white, no matter the season

In the fashion world, white is supposedly acceptable only during the spring and summer seasons. However, when it comes to a smile, white is always in style. Teeth whitening treatments at the dentist provides far better results than what you will get from those in the box treatments from the drug store. So, save yourself the time and money and opt for professional treatments instead.

Cover-ups can hide a multitude of sins

We are not just referring to a bathing suit cover-up, but ultra thin covers that adhere directly to the front surface of your teeth. Veneers can hide a multitude of imperfections in your teeth, even minor crookedness, gaps, and more. If you really want to overhaul the look of your smile, opt for veneers, which will last you for years to come. 

Perfect outerwear for worn out teeth

If your chompers are looking broken or have overly large fillings in them (you know those old silver fillings of the past), a dental crown covers your entire tooth! Now only do crowns look classy, but they also strengthen weak and brittle teeth. 

Silver should only be for jewellery, not your teeth

Speaking of those old silver fillings, you can easily improve your smile by having those amalgam fillings replaced with natural-looking composites. Silver should adorn your neck, not your teeth!

Fill the gaps

Dental implants are the perfect way to replace missing teeth and provide a stable bite so that you can enjoy the foods you love. Plus, you can smile with confidence again! If a dental implant seems unfeasible financially, consider a dental bridge that is fabricated with a false tooth attached to two dental crowns. This restoration serves the purpose of tooth replacement but may be more affordable than a dental implant.
These tips are only general recommendations for transforming a smile. To determine which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you, consider a consultation with Pittsford Dental Excellence Center. Please call (585) 248-2575 to schedule a consultation.
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