Veneers-What you Need to Know

Fairport, Pittsford, Rochester NY

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword,” John Ray. A smile indicates pleasure, favour, or amusement. A smile is usually the first thing people see, the way you greet a stranger and the way you greet your friend. So it’s natural to want a great smile. There are many options out there to get a great smile: braces, teeth whitening, dental implants, but how much do you know about veneers?

What are dental veneers?

To help you understand what veneers are, here is an explanation from, “Veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic (porcelain) or a composite resin material, which is bonded to the front of teeth. This procedure requires little or no anaesthesia and can be the ideal choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth. Veneers are placed to mask discolourations, to brighten teeth and to improve a smile.”
If your teeth have any of these characteristics, Veneers may help:

  • Discolouration that does not respond to teeth whitening
  • Worn down, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Teeth separated by gaps
  • Uneven, misaligned, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Teeth that appear too small or too short

What to expect during the process

Treatment Planning: Talk to your Pittsford cosmetic dentist about the problems you have with your teeth, what concerns you may have, and what are the best practices before and after getting veneers. During this consultation, your cosmetic dentist will want to examine your teeth and will discuss what the procedure will entail.
To prepare your teeth for veneers, the dentist will first remove a small amount of tooth enamel, similar to the amount of thickness of the veneer, from the tooth’s surface. Discuss with your dentist prior to this procedure if a local anaesthetic will be needed. Your dentist will then take an impression of your teeth. These impressions are used to make moulds of your teeth and mouth, which are then used in the fabrication of your veneers. While waiting on the dental laboratory to handcraft your veneers, temporary ones will be placed over your teeth to protect them and maintain aesthetics.
The results:
Once your veneers are returned from the lab, you will come in to have them permanently seated to your teeth. The results will be astounding, as you have a new, perfect smile! Your new veneers will last you for years to come so long as you maintain good oral hygiene, as well as visit your Pittsford dentist for routine checkups and cleanings.

Why choosing the right dentist is important

When you think about picking a dentist in Pittsford, there a few things to consider. If you’re like most patients, you do a quick Google search and call one that’s closest to your house or commute to work. With a cosmetic dentist, this is not the case; you need to do your research. You should know what training the dentist has undergone, what technology they use, look through photos of previous work, and understand their total approach.
At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center we seek to do more than restoring your beautiful smile. We want to understand your smile concerns so that we can devise the best treatment plan for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on great customer care and providing you with elite dental care.
If you would like to learn more about veneers or the other cosmetic dentistry services that we offer, please reach out to Pittsford Dental Excellence Center. Patients from throughout the Pittsford, Fairport, and the greater Rochester NY area area seek the care of Dr Sam Guarnieri for his outstanding treatment results, expertise, compassion, integrity, honesty, and understanding. For more information, please call us at (585) 248-2575.

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