Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

Tooth decay is an infection of the biofilm that covers the teeth and root surfaces as well as the gum tissue resulting in cavitation—thus the name cavities. Because of dental decay’s connection to cardiovascular and general health risk, it is especially important to take preventative measures. At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we offer CariFree technology—a new way to help reduce the risk of cavities before they start. I have been a big proponent of understanding the causation of cavities for many years. It all starts with an evaluation of the patient, including pH of the mouth, diet, medications taken, dryness of the mouth, quality of the saliva and amount, the overall health of the patient and bacteriological studies.
Based on what we learn, treatment may include nutritional counselling or referral to other specialists to address causes of xerostomia (dry mouth), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) issues, burning mouth syndrome, etc. CariFree works to neutralize decay-causing acids and treat bacterial infections that cause cavities and the restoration of involved teeth. This promotes long-term dental health as an alternative to just simply treating signs and symptoms by filling cavities. A painless one-minute screening can determine your risk for cavities. If harmful, decay-causing bacteria are present, we may recommend a CariFree treatment solution.
If you have concerns about cavities, be sure to mention them at your next appointment. I am always happy to share my thoughts on this ever-present issue.

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