The Truth behind Root Canals

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check upVisiting the dentist for routine cleanings, examinations, and the occasional filling is one thing, but mention to a patient a root canal is needed and their face is stricken with fear. What is it about the term root canal that makes patients feel anxious about their upcoming appointment? It is probably because of common myths circulating about the procedure.
Your Pittsford family dentist, Dr Sam Guarnieri of Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, is here to reveal the truths behind this restorative dental procedure.

Myth: Root canals are painful

A root canal procedure aims to remove the infected pulp or nerve inside of a tooth’s root. It essentially is a similar approach as when the dentist removes the damaged or decayed portion of your tooth to prepare it for a filling. In other words, a root canal is simply a deep filling. Since you are numb throughout the entire procedure, you will not feel a thing!

Myth: Root canals damage teeth

The opposite of that is true. Root canals are performed to save and restore an infected tooth. Once the inside of the tooth’s root is cleaned and sanitized, a permanent filling is placed to help strengthen the tooth. In most cases to decrease the risk of fracture the tooth should be covered after the root canal procedure, the tooth is prepared for a porcelain dental crown – a cap that covers the entire exterior portion of the tooth. In the end, the complete procedure actually adds strength to an otherwise brittle tooth that would have succumbed to an extraction.

Myth: Why not have the tooth extracted instead?

When a tooth becomes infected, bacteria has compromised the tooth’s nerve. This often leads to a great deal of pain for the patient and may lead to an abscess. At this point, your first thought probably is to just have the tooth extracted to put an end to your suffering. While extracting an infected tooth will help take care of the pain, it creates other oral health concerns of dealing with a missing tooth. While you could ultimately replace a missing tooth, nothing is as good as your natural tooth. Not only will a root canal stop your pain, but preserve your tooth for the long run. 

Preventing the need for a root canal

There are many reasons why a patient may need a root canal including a tooth that has sustained trauma, extensive decay, broken or fractured tooth, old failing dental work or lost a filling. In the majority of cases, a root canal could have been prevented with routine dental cleanings and examinations. The purpose of these visits is for your Pittsford dentist, Dr Sam Guarnieri, to assess your oral health and inspect existing dental work to ensure everything is sound. Small areas of decay can be taken care of before they get a chance to develop into large cavities that affect the tooth’s nerve. Remember to practice good oral hygiene and visit Dr Sam Guarnieri, your Pittsford dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings to help reduce your chance of needing a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment in Pittsford

If you are in need of a root canal or would like to learn more about this restorative procedure, contact Pittsford Dental Excellence Center by calling (585) 248-2575 and schedule a consultation.
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