The Surprising Effects of Missing Sleep

The Surprising Effects of Missing Sleep

Ask any adult and sleep is one thing we do not get enough of on a regular basis. A recent poll by Gallup found that 40% of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep per night, and nearly 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. We all know how important sleep is to our health, but how serious is sleep deprivation to our health?

Here are some early warning signs that you may need more z’s.

Irritability & Headaches

Irritability and headaches are common side effects of inadequate sleep. If our body has not had time to rejuvenate and rest properly, we will begin feeling the effects by experiencing mood swings and even headaches that can lead to migraines. Sleep deprivation may also make your reaction time slower and may cause you to be more distracted.

Lower Libido

Not to mention, you may experience a lower libido. Sleep deprivation can affect your relationship by causing you to experience a less than desired sex drive. Not only does sleep deprivation present symptoms, but even poses a threat to your health in ways you may not realize at first. Inadequate sleep can also inhibit your ability to focus and learn, also affecting even your short-term memory. Sleep is a crucial component to resting not only the body but also the mind. Without adequate sleep, you could pose a danger to yourself or others, especially when operating a vehicle or machinery.

Weight Gain & Health Risks

Weight gain and an increased risk of heart disease are risk factors of sleep deprivation. Inadequate amounts of sleep cause a hormonal imbalance that leads to a stronger appetite, and more impulsive behavior. Poor vision, including dimness and tunnel or double vision, are also side effects of sleep deprivation. Other side effects of sleep deprivation are health related issues such as infection, increased risk of colds, genetic disruption, pain, diabetes, overproduction of urine and gastrointestinal problems. Studies are also linking a connection between sleep deprivation and the increased risk of cancer and even death. Researchers have found that inadequate amounts of sleep tend to lessen the effectiveness of vaccines, causing an overall health risk to you and others. Do not ignore your sleep deprivation symptoms due to the serious threat to yourself and those around you. However, there is hope, and it is never too late to correct your sleep habits.

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