The Reparative Model

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Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

There’s a difference between prevention and prediction in dental care. Traditionally and historically dentistry has been based on a reparative model—replacing fillings, filling holes and replacing missing teeth. Our practice is based on a health model. This requires predicting disease sometimes even before the patient is symptomatic—more than just prevention. It’s proactive. In the past, this was not easily done, however, today with advances in technology we can provide a much different level of care. In fact, we spend many hours preparing for each patient’s needs in advance. When we perform a comprehensive oral evaluation and risk assessment, we use advanced technology to evaluate the patient’s overall health and dental risk.
Our standard of care is something that is deeply personal to me and a topic on which I enjoy speaking. I am always happy to explain further how our philosophy of practice can positively impact your oral health. Maybe you know someone who could benefit from our thoughtful approach to dental care. If so, we appreciate the kindness of every referral!

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