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Recent science suggests that systemic inflammation is one of the main drivers of heart attack and stroke, premature ageing, and many other diseases. It is important to understand that conditions in and around the mouth contribute to the cumulative “inflammatory burden” on our body. Further, it is very important to understand how these conditions contribute to our body’s overall response to inflammation.
Dentistry, for a number of reasons, is the ideal profession to identify and help manage many issues that contribute to inflammation and to systemic health. At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, our “Dentistry for Total Body Wellness ” methodology is a structured approach to identify, diagnose and treat some of the most important inflammatory drivers.
There are many areas in medicine that are appropriate for dentists to be involved in—areas that foster dentist-physician collaboration with the goal of providing patients with better care and enhanced wellness. Integration of dentistry with medicine is the wave of the future. In our practice, you will be introduced to a complete patient evaluation model as well as many tools and protocols to help us “collaborate” toward better total wellness. The results of our systemic, organized wellness-oriented approach to dentistry and treatment protocols will lead to better patient understanding, better treatment outcomes and healthier patients.
Wondering how our integrative approach to health and wellness relates to your total body health? There’s a method to our madness and we are always happy to elaborate. Every patient and “every body” is different and comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. The secret is connecting the dots between oral health and total body health in a manner that leads to an action plan.

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