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While growing up, we all were told that sweets are bad for our teeth. However, did you know that “sour” also can be a word of warning?
Many sour candies can do double the damage to your teeth. In addition to the sugar, which encourages the growth of bacteria and increases your vulnerability to tooth decay, the sour quality also can be harmful because of the increased quantity of acid.
A pH scale determines whether substances are bases or acids on a scale from 0 to 14. Water, for example, is a neutral substance with a pH level of 7. A neutral pH of 7 also is ideal for your mouth. When you eat acidic foods, the pH level in the mouth goes down, which can create an environment inside your mouth that can erode the enamel. A pH level of 4 or lower can cause damage to dental enamel.
Consumed on a regular basis, the acid in sour candy can cause increased sensitivity, translucence on the biting edge of your teeth or increase the frequency of cavities because of weakened tooth enamel.
Patients with braces also have to be cautious when eating sour candy. They can damage the braces, or get stuck around the brackets and further increase the chance that decay develops.
The threat of sour candy has increased as eating sour candies has become increasingly popular in recent years. We recommend eating them only on rare occasions, or, ideally, to stop eating them altogether. If you find yourself giving in to your craving for sour candy, just be sure to wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to prevent the acids from seeping into your teeth even more.
Looking for a sweet treat that is better for your oral health? Consider sugarless gum. Chewing it increases the flow of saliva, which serves as a natural cleansing agent for your mouth and teeth.
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