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You’ve spent months planning for your big day that is just around the corner. The invitations have been sent, the venue is rented, you’ve got the perfect dress, and no detail has been missed, or has it? What about your smile? Is it ready for your big day? With the hustle and bustle of planning every detail of your wedding, it is natural to forget about taking care of yourself.
Teeth become stained from various factors, from what we eat and drink, to certain medications and even age. It is almost inevitable that everyone’s natural teeth become dingy or stained over time.
You may have even tried over-the-counter whitening strips that promise to provide you with amazing results, only to find that these products simply do not deliver results as promised. These “from the box” whitening options may seem like the cheaper route to take, but they will leave you feeling as though you have wasted your time and money. Luckily, professional whitening treatments can provide you with a ‘Hollywood Smile’ that lasts much longer.
Choosing professional whitening versus over-the-counter means that your treatment is curtailed to meet your specific needs. Plus, the solution will be safe and effective for you. Whitening is not a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment, which is what comes in a box from the store.
Some professional whitening treatments are designed for effectiveness and convenience, meaning a customized tray is made specifically for you, and some options are for at-home whitening. Custom trays mean a better fit over each tooth, instead of whitening strips from the store that simply do not remain in place and cover only a few teeth at a time.
If your big day is just around the corner, make sure your smile is “picture perfect” ready. Choose safe and effective professional whitening treatments for a dazzling smile.
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