Our Standard of Care

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Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

There’s an old joke that asks what do you call the guy who graduated last in his class in dental school? The answer is “doctor.” For some practitioners, the learning ends when the degree is earned. In my practice, the learning begins and continues every day once the degree is earned. This applies not just to me as the doctor, but to my entire staff.
I am proud to hold many of the highest accreditations available in dentistry today. I have completed programs at Misch Implant Institute, Pankey Institute, Dawson Academy and Piper Dental Clinic. The accomplishment of which I am most proud is my affiliation with Kois Center, an institution of higher learning in dentistry, which is dedicated to advancing dentistry through science, where I serve as an instructor.
These opportunities have helped me develop expertise in treating complex issues in dentistry and helps assure patients that my team and I are up to date on the latest in dentistry. If you know someone suffering from complex dental issues, invite them to call our office. We may be able to offer a solution to their concern.

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