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Nothing can ruin your weekend quite like a dental emergency. A broken tooth, a cracked filling, or a toothache can feel especially miserable when it happens on a day when the dentist’s office is closed.  
If you suffer a dental emergency outside of office hours, here are a few tips that will help until you can make it to the dentist.

Dealing with minor discomfort  

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, if allowed by your doctor, helps manage any discomfort, but home remedies also can be helpful. For example, placing a whole clove in your mouth near the infected area will release clove oil, which calms the nerve of the affected tooth. Rinsing with warm salt water also will provide temporary pain relief, while applying an ice pack will reduce swelling. Avoid using oral anaesthetic gels; these can irritate your gums.

My tooth is cracked

If you get a crack in a filling, it becomes loose, or falls out completely, then avoid chewing on that side of the mouth until you can seek professional care. Any tooth with a lost or damaged filling is especially susceptible to fracturing or breaking, which will cause more problems. Rinse the affected tooth with warm salt water after you eat and before going to sleep. This will remove any food particles that may have become lodged in the tooth when eating.

Dental emergencies

There are certain symptoms that warrant you to contact your dentist immediately. Most dentists have an emergency number on their answering machine at the office. If you have bleeding that will not stop, a tooth that has been knocked out, suffered an injury to the jaw, or an unbearable toothache or swelling of the face, contact your dentist right away.
Severe pain and swelling are considered to be major warning signs of a dental emergency. Experiencing these could mean that you have an abscess or infection in your mouth. If not treated, this infection can prove to be deadly when the infected bacteria enter your bloodstream. Pain from an infected tooth will not go away and requires treatment by the dentist to relieve the pain.

Prevention is best

Sometimes, dental emergencies are unavoidable. However, when it comes to your oral health, prevention goes a long way. A healthy regimen of oral care at home, which includes brushing and flossing every day, as well as visiting the dentist twice a year, can help minimize your risk of encountering a dental emergency. During your visits to the dentist, we check for any issues or potential for concern and address those accordingly.
A dental emergency is never convenient but, at Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we have the experience, and training to treat a wide variety of dental mishaps while emphasizing convenience and comfort for our patients. If you ever have need of emergency dental services, just contact our office at (585) 248-2575. We also offer a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry services.
Pittsford Dental Excellence Center is proud to serve individuals in the area of Pittsford, Fairport, and the greater Rochester NY area.

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