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A recent study published in the American Heart Association journal, Circulation, demonstrates that tooth decay is also a significant player in driving heart attack risk. As if there were not enough other risk factors, this seemingly innocuous condition may belie other deeper health issues. This study, reported in Beat the Heart Attack Gene, goes as follows:
“In the study, 101 people who were in the throes of a heart attack were evaluated. The research team removed the culprit blood clots (those that were causing the heart attack) and used DNA analysis to look for oral pathogens… The researchers discovered that the concentration of oral germs was 16 times greater in the clot than in the arterial blood, indicating that pathogens came from the underlying plaque deposit that had ruptured through the artery wall.”
This blows me away! What this is saying is that the blood clot that caused the heart attack originated in the mouth! I am not sure what else I can say about this. The importance of oral health continues to be demonstrated in various studies and research. So, the cavity that you think may be “just a cavity” may not be just a cavity. The systemic implications of the seemingly innocuous cavity are wide and deep and warrant continued study.
At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we are built on the foundational belief that everything that happens in the body is interconnected and that there are no coincidences. Every day new studies present thought-provoking findings. Do you have lingering health conditions that concern you? If so, even if we don’t ask the right question, please volunteer them when you’re in the office. It is studies like the aforementioned that make me wish were a mind reader.

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