Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

All too often, we as a people value that which we can touch and hold. Your health as my patient is something my staff and I take very seriously—seriously enough that I’ve completed more professional development programs than most dentists. I have made it my business to learn all I can from every school of thought and nearly every discipline. Not all practitioners view their responsibility to their patients in the same way.
I believe that my fiduciary responsibility, to put it in business terms, is to provide the best possible care to each patient—care that is customized to each patient’s unique needs and expectations. In fact, one of the criticisms I’ve read of many studies is that the approach is too prescriptive. For example, some medical doctors rely too heavily on the Framingham Risk (FRS) tool to assess the risk of heart attack. Another tool, the Reynolds Risk Score (RRS), is used specifically for women at risk. There are other measurement tools I won’t bore you with, except to say that the tools are only as good as the craftsman.
I like this metaphor because I believe sound health is a priceless gift too often taken for granted until it’s gone. Therefore, while I am not perfect, I try to ask lots of questions, look at each patient’s total health picture and qualitatively evaluate what I learn (not just quantitatively). No matter the healthcare profession, sometimes this is art and not science.
What this means to you my valued patient: The traditional prescriptive or dogmatic mindset is one every practitioner struggles with every day. We all went to dental school and learned certain “universal truths.” I try to challenge my assumptions every day and view each patient as unique. But it’s a two-way street. I can only practice as well as each patient can provide. Dentists are not minded readers, but we should be good listeners and know the questions to ask even if the patient doesn’t know what to ask. In closing, if there were one thing I could change it would be the perception that oral health is not as important as body health—it’s all interconnected! And I am committed to decoding that connection to the best of my mortal ability and I need the help of each patient.
The trust, confidence and belief in our philosophy of practice are something I take very seriously. Thank you for the opportunity provided for your oral health needs.

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