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Which physical feature stays attractive regardless of your age? A smile. That, at least, was the top answer in a survey of Americans over the age of 50 conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. More than half of those surveyed, in fact, gave “a smile” as their answer. Perhaps that is because the look of a smile, along with general oral health, can begin to deteriorate as an individual reaches middle age.
Why does this happen? One reason is simple attrition—the wear and tear inflicted on your teeth and gums over the course of several decades take a toll. People who suffer from heart disease and diabetes are vulnerable to a steeper decline in their oral health, first experiencing problems as young as 40 years old.
Luckily, cosmetic dentistry continues to make technological strides. Consider any of the following procedures to help reverse any damage that has been done to your mouth and maintain a beautiful smile through the rest of your life.
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and convenient treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Your smile will look brighter and enhance the beauty of your smile. The whitening procedures available from a cosmetic dentist are of a higher quality than those available over the counter in stores, and far less likely to cause increased sensitivity in teeth.
Tooth-coloured fillings can be installed to replace traditional metallic-looking dental work. Not only are these fillings more aesthetically pleasing, but they also can be a structural improvement over amalgam fillings, which may crack or begin to fail over time.
Restorations of missing teeth through dental implants make you more confident about your smile while also improving your oral health and making it easier for you to chew normally again. Many cosmetic dentists also offer other restorative options for replacing lost teeth.
Gum disease treatment is a safeguard for long-term oral health because it combats the effects of periodontal disease, which, when left untreated can cause tooth loss and even destroy the supporting gums and bone structure. Ultrasonic root scaling, a dental deep cleaning, and even a gum graft procedure are options that a cosmetic dentist can explore for patients with gum disease.
At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, our staff has the experience and training to handle all of the above issues, while also having the comfort and patience to work with individuals of any age—from senior citizens all the way to infants(children). Want to learn more about our services? Contact our office at (585) 248-2575.
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