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smileWhen it comes to dentistry, great strides have been made in recent years. Many patients are unaware of the benefits of laser dentistry, which we could sum up in two words – pain-free and precise. Let us explore the advantages of laser dentistry and how it may benefit you for your next dental procedure.
First, let us take a moment to explore what a dental laser is, and how it is used in modern dentistry.

What is a dental laser?

A dental laser produces energy in a light form that serves as a cutting instrument to make incisions. Some dental lasers can be used to cure dental materials, such as with the use of composite fillings. Other dental lasers can be part of a teeth-whitening procedure to activate the whitening gel.

What are common uses for a dental laser?

A dental laser is often used in the treatment of gum disease, to kill bacteria during a root canal, aid in an extraction, and can even be used to recontour gum tissue to reverse a “gummy smile.” Laser dentistry has become more popular in recent years, replacing the once relied upon scalpel and sutures to perform a surgical procedure, and here’s why.

Pain-free and Precise

When we say procedures that use a dental laser are painless, we really mean it. The narrow beam of light that the dental laser is so precise that it also cauterizes as it works. This means that the dental laser essentially seals the wound as it goes, lessening the amount of bleeding that may occur. Because of this precision, your recovery is practically pain-free, unlike in comparison to traditional forms of surgery that use a scalpel to cut the tissue and suture it afterwards.

Quick Recovery

Because the laser produces ultimate precision, you bleed less. This means that if you undergo gum surgery via a dental laser, that you will have a much easier recovery compared to surgery using a scalpel. Because the downtime afterwards is minimal, we can even treat multiple areas at once rather than waiting months to treat the entire mouth. This is definitely an advantage over traditional methods that only allow a section to be completed at a time.

Less Risk of Infection

The dental laser also has the capability of killing bacteria. This is especially beneficial because it minimizes your risk of an infection, something that cannot be said for traditional surgical means. After receiving dental laser surgery, your Pittsford cosmetic dentist, Dr Sam Guarnieri at Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, will provide you with specific post-op care instructions, but you will be back to yourself and resume your normal activities the day after your procedure.

Should I consider laser dentistry?

If you want to change the way your smile looks because of excessive gum tissue, or require laser gum recontouring to repair gums damaged by periodontal disease, then you may be a candidate for laser dentistry. However, a consultation with your Pittsford area dentist, Dr Sam Guarnieri, is the best way to determine your candidacy for laser dentistry.

Laser Dentistry in Pittsford

To learn more about laser dentistry, contact Pittsford Dental Excellence Center today by calling (585) 248-2575 to schedule your consultation. Dr Sam Guarnieri of Pittsford Dental Excellence Center provides outstanding results with compassionate care to patients in the areas of Pittsford, Fairport, and the greater Rochester NY area.

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