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It’s no secret that most Americans don’t seem to sleep very well. Nearly every patient of a certain age has complained at one point or another of the difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of a good night’s sleep isn’t just costing you productivity; it may be costing you your life—literally!
Before I get too deep, why is good sleep so important? Good sleep helps conserve energy, restore homeostasis in the body, regulate brain temperature, modulate neurochemistry, regulate hormones, consolidate memory as well as provide for a host of other neuro-cognitive functions. I won’t bore you with the definition and details of each of the aforementioned except to say that disrupted (fragmented sleep) or sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, poor sleep hygiene—being on the computer or electronics just be for going to bed, watching TV in bed as well as your partner snoring throughout the night—may be costing you more than just a good night’s rest.
With that said, here are ten gripes associated with sleep deprivation:
1. Sleepiness causes accidents.
2. Sleep loss dumbs you down.
3. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems.
4. Lack of sleep kills sex drive.
5. Sleepiness is depressing.
6. Lack of sleep ages your skin.
7. Sleepiness makes you forgetful.
8. Losing sleep can make you gain weight.
9. Lack of sleep may increase the risk of death.
10. Sleep loss impairs judgment, especially about sleep.
The next series of posts will focus on the importance of good sleep and my belief in the value of sleep medicine and how dentistry can play a role. But first, there are ten things to “hate” about sleep loss. So, indulge me on the obvious and please keep checking back for additional posts on sleep medicine. It’s important to me in my practice and we look for things most dentists I believe overlook.

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