Fairport, Pittsford and Rochester, NY

I promised myself that in 2015 I would do a better job of sharing my philosophy of practice. So, here’s my first blog post of 2015 and hopefully not the last one…
Occasionally patients ask how I came to be a dentist. I like to say dentistry is not only my vocation but my avocation. Dentistry has been in the forefront of my mind since I was eight years old. Patients are amused when I tell them that I woke up one morning when I was 8 and at breakfast announced to my parents that I wanted to be a dentist. That desire has never changed and I’ve dedicated my life to elevating dentistry to an art form and continuous learning.
So if I sound a little overzealous sometimes, you know I came by this enthusiasm at an early age. My passion for the profession has shaped my philosophy of care. The treatment we prescribe will always be what is best for each patient. I believe it’s essential to take the time to listen to patients and understand. Our work is a collaboration where we strive together to ensure the best possible outcome.
I take each referral as an endorsement of our approach to treating patients and appreciate the confidence each patient places in our office.

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