Common Oral Health Problems

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oral healthOur teeth are naturally designed to withstand a great deal of force when biting and chewing. However, they can become quite fragile in the absence of good oral care. This often results in oral health concerns that are common among both children and adults. What exactly are the most common problems when it comes to your oral health, and what can you do about it?

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay or cavities are more common than you may realize. In fact, it is the number one disease that affects children in the U.S., and approximately 91% of adults ages 20-64 have experienced tooth decay to some degree, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Tooth decay begins from the bacteria that naturally live inside of our mouths. This bacteria thrives off of the bad foods that we eat, especially those containing sugar, and carbohydrates. When proper oral hygiene measures are not followed, this bacteria begins eroding dental enamel, causing cavities. If not treated, cavities will only get worse and eventually cause an infection that leaves you in severe pain. 

Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Bad breath occurs in just about everyone at some point. While it can be caused by certain potent foods such as onions or garlic, some people experience bad breath on the regular. Bad breath is also caused by tooth decay, gum disease, and dry mouth. If you experience chronic bad breath and do not have any cavities or gum disease, try drinking more water. It could be that you have dry mouth more often than you may realize. If you notice that you have bad breath even after brushing and flossing your teeth, it could be that you have an underlying health issue that needs to be assessed by your dentist in Pittsford, Dr Sam Guarnieri at Pittsford Dental Excellence Center.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is most certainly one of the most common oral health concerns out there. In fact, many adults have some degree of gum disease, yet do not even know that they have it! Gum disease is an infection of your gums and supporting bone structure of your mouth. It often develops from a lack of oral hygiene, and if not treated, can lead to tooth decay, or even tooth loss.

Worn Dental Enamel and Tooth Sensitivity

Our dental enamel is the outermost layer of our teeth. It is the strongest substance in the human body, although it can still succumb to the devastating effects of acid erosion. Certain foods and beverages specifically sodas that contain sugar and are also acidic can erode our dental enamel causing it to weaken. In turn, this causes tooth sensitivity and increases the risk of cavities.

How to prevent these common dental problems

It goes without saying that each of these oral health concerns is preventable in most cases. To protect your teeth against decay, infection, or worse, be sure that you practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. By doing this, you are removing the bacteria, sugars, and acid from your teeth. It is also important to visit your Pittsford family dentist at Pittsford Dental Excellence Center at least twice per year for routine dental checkups and examinations. Even if you are consistent with brushing and flossing your teeth, everyone accumulates tartar buildup on his or her teeth that can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning.
Preventive efforts can spare your oral health from these common dental problems. If, however, you have already experienced any one of these conditions, Pittsford Dental Excellence Center can restore your smile so that you can smile with confidence again.

Family Dentist in Pittsford

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