What is a Breathe Ambassador?

What is a Breathe Ambassador?

What is a Breathe Ambassador?

Dr Sam Guarnieri is a Breathe Ambassador at the Breathe Institute. At this instutide, medical professionals take a multidisciplinary approach to both manage and understand the etiology of the deficient airway. To make sure that their ability to treat patients can extend beyond their own sphere, they have great collaborative relationships with Dentsits/Orthodontists, Internists, Pulmonologists, Sleep Labs, Neurologists, Cranial Sacral Therapists as well as Nutritionists and Psychiatrists/Therapists

What breathing problems are treated?

  • Structural. Nasal obstruction, snorting, sleep-apnea and tongue-tied are all symptoms of structural issues. Precision diagnostics enables our providers to identify and treat the root causes of sleep disordered breathing
  • Function. Myofunctional therapy includes facial and tongue exercises and functional modification techniques to promote proper tongue position, improved breathing, chewing and swallowing
  • Behavioral. Sleep hygiene including syncing your child’s sleep with their natural biological rhythms and integrating specific evidence-based methods that help facilitate proper sleep

Services offered at the Breath Institute.

Sleep Apnea – Their providers offer a wide range of sleep apnea treatments to suit patient’s needs, both surgical and non-surgical.

Tongue-tie release – AKA: Frenuloplasty or Frenectomy. Correcting tongue/lip-tie issues that can lead to serious developmental and airway problems.

Sleep study – Overnight study to record brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and help diagnose sleep problems.

Sleep hygiene – A variety of behavioral and habit changing “methods”, and thoughtful holistic foundations for optimum infant mental health and sleep-training outcomes.

Myofunctional therapy – Training for the orofacial muscles, lips and tongue can have a profound positive effect on the growth and development of the face and airway.

Clinical nutrition – Nutritional needs are as unique as a fingerprint, and they are dictated by individual biochemistry. Our in-house nutritionist can help to connect the dots to reach health and wellness goals. This is personalized nutrition.

Facial growth and development

Many significant growth and developmental milestones occur during our first 18 months of life. In fact, 60% of child’s facial development is completed by age 6, and 90% by age 12. As children grow, proper breathing is essential to their health, development, and educational success. Early detection and correction of airway problems can be integral to optimizing this fundamental and critical physiology. Airway evaluation is an important part of the process. Using precision diagnostic technologies and methodologies, our physicians are able to detect and correct any growth and development issues that may be present before they lead to any more serious comorbidities.

About Dr Sam Guarnieri

As a Breathe Institute Ambassador, Dr. Sam Guarnieri can provide truly comprehensive care for airway health and sleep disordered breathing. He has been awarded the tools needed to bring the best in care and patient experience in this field. As a Breathe Institute Ambassador and successful graduate of this program he has been recognized for his pursuit of optimal wellness.

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